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New ACE Coal Wagon

June 18th 2016

'ACE new promotional coal wagon Ref GP/1. To be available later in the year at £60 per box of three.

Tin printed bodies with die cast chassis. 2/3 rail wheels.

24 will be allocated to Len Mills for track night running and a further 24 to LGH for Video purposes when the 9Fs are promoted. All wagons will have formed coal loads included in the body. 52 sets will be offered for sale on introduction and a further 24 sets released in 2017'.

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At a recent meeting of the ACE production trio the following decision was made.

The Britannia tooling where production has now ended will be amended to enable the last passenger locomotive built in the UK by BR (namely the 3 cylinder) 8P 'Duke of Gloucester'. This model which will not be issued until 2016 will be stored as castings before the tool is irretrievably amended to form the 9F which will obviously precede the 8P in production. This might cause a small delay while the Duke amendments are carried out. However removing metal mainly to amend the front end treatment it will be relatively speedy before amending it further for the 9F with its shorter boiler and narrower smoke box.

The 8P will incorporate Caprotti valve gear and run with the high sided 'Scottish tender as supplied with Scottish Britannias. Various amendments will be made to the internal detail of this tender.

As the decision to go ahead with this medium term project after the outstanding 2015 programme anybody interested can express a without obligation interest at any time in order for us to gauge a broad view of interest. The production run will be considerably less that the 7MT and the price will be announced towards the end of the year.

E/31 British Railways Class 8P 4-6-2 ‘Duke of Gloucester’

Jan/Feb 2015


The E/31 Duke of Gloucester range of intended locos will comprise thus,

E/31A BR lined green pre 56 Duke of Gloucester

E/31B BR lined green post 56 Duke of Gloucester

E/31C BR lined green as preserved  Duke of Gloucester (brass numbers etc)

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Presentation of three Hornby style SR Vans to Chris Littledale for the Brighton Toy and Model Museum by ACE Trains.

Three unique Van overlays commissioned by a property company for a sales office in Paddington Basin. A small ACE railway has been installed. 

Two Pictuires from Sandown 28th May 2016

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Due to an adjustment in the currency exchange the 3 truck set of ACE Coal Wagons will now be £60 inc VAT. Export price £50.

All orders taken at £57 will be honoured at that price. 24/8/2016

Production sample showing coal load.