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A few early E/1's were fitted with 12 Volt DC mechs but the majority of the class were rated at 24-Volts having an electronic device that via a lever enabled the current to be picked up as AC or DC.


The first batch of E/1 mechs adopted the common practice of operating without bearings. Later batches of these motors were fitted with phosphor bronze bearings on all revolving shafts.


The E/2 4-4-2 Tank loco was fitted with a DC only mech plus the additional feature of a rod operated isolation switch useful for use on layouts without block section systems.


All mechs drive the axles via a Contrate Gear through a succession of reduction gears to all axles. This together with built in weights give these ACE 4 coupled mechs superb traction without excess use of energy.


The basic mechanism and Motor were developed as 4 coupled bogie motor for the EMU series and these mechs were capable of AC/ DC operation plus an isolation capacity operated through a PC Board and not the German made electronic rectifier fitted to the E/1 series.

The next development required the Mechanism to power the ACE A4 (E/4) Pacific Locomotive. With this Locomotives considerable weight the mech was fitted with two matched 24 Volt motors. Again all axles were gear driven and the temptation to take the flange off the centre driving wheels was resisted, By controlled axle swing this locomotive is able to negotiate 2 ft radius curves but is more elegent on larger radii.


A further refinement took the form of micro bearings on all axles and and gear shafts. Despite the enormous power of this loco the amp consumption was only increased by .3 to give draw of 1amp under load.


These three mechanisms will provide the mainstay of future ACE motive power.


All these Mechs are fitted with wheels that have a standard 27.5 mm back to back measurement and run on virtually all proprietary three rail tracks.


2-Rail versions of the A4 (E4) will have finer wheel standards to be announced.

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Latest development of the six-coupled mech the single motored ACE/Mills motor.


After several years of running this simplified mech, ACE evaluated that owing to the power of the Mabuchi motor two motors were superfluous. This also enabled a reduction in the number of geared axles leading to a fall in mechanical noise. No material power or traction was lost so that the combined simplification of the running gear had the benefit of cutting down noise and maintenance for the majority of our users. It also enabled us to pass on a cost benefit. The twin motored E/4 E/6, the E/5 only has one motor and 100 odd E/7s will retain a certain collectable element, as they will not be issued again.

The E/1 EMU and ACE /Mills mechs will provide the mainstay of ACE motive power in the future.


ACE six coupled mech as fitted to E4.

All these 1st series motors are rated at 24 Volts and draw 0.7 of an amp under full load.

ACE 0-4-0 Mech as fitted to E/1 and E/2 series and the ACE bogie mech as fitted to the EMU and Treibwagen production.