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Brilliantly Old Fashioned

The creation we call 'Super Tinplate' in Standard Scale.

Re defining traditional Gauge 0 coarse scale.


New ACE Coal Wagon

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Being the Best is No Accident

ACE Trains PO Box 2985 London W11 2WP Tel: +44 (0) 20 7727 1592 - 24 hour message service

E-mail: info@ace-trains.co.uk

ACE Trains London Ltd. t/a ACE Trains are the owners of this site.

ACE Trains capture all the spirit of an earlier period of vintage ready to run model trains. They have retained all the glamour and excitement without stretching the idiom into all the electronic gizzmos of recent years. If you want steam engine noises get a live steam loco. If you want all the pipes and rivets go fine scale. If you want weight rugged performance and do not wish to spend your precious train playing time cleaning track and worrying about reverse polarity go for three rail ACE. No need to re invent the wheel. If you insist on two rail you have the option with ACE from 2009 onwards - total flexibility.

ACE Trains have revived all that was best about gauge 0 model railways.


Allen and Charlotte Levy founded ACE Trains in 1996, as a Company whose founding shareholders were and still are Allen and Charlotte Levy.

It was originally named Alchem Trains Ltd, Allen, Charlotte and Emily latterly abbreviated to ACE Trains Ltd.

ACE Policy

We do not make limited editions but aim at producing what we consider adequate quantities. Often we are too modest which leads to price escalation when lines sell through. However apart from some occasional special offers we do not trash our price structures if we have long-term stock. This may be the reason why ACE Trains have become one of the most collectible gauge 0 train ranges of the last few decades.


ACE Trains reserve the right to adjust retail prices as announced. However any adjustments will be announced on this site.


Do not, if requested, pay a deposit or indeed a larger amount on any forthcoming ACE production.

Make a reservation if you wish but do not couple it with any payment. All credit card details should be on single transaction basis only when the dealer is ready to despatch.

This is particularly relevant to any ACE products that are not yet physically in the possession of the dealer concerned.

Check with ACE Trains if you are in any doubt.

We say this because we cannot guarantee that as yet undelivered ACE will be available to any given dealer at some future time and we do not want to become involved in customers trying to cancel their orders through late delivery.

By all means order what you feel you might like to receive but do not tie yourself to any particular dealer.

We have always operated this policy for our in house sales and all reservations are without conditions and can be cancelled at any time.


We confirm that ACE has no exclusive distributor in the UK or worldwide and all inquires can be made through your local dealer or direct to ACE Trains via email: info@ace-trains.co.uk, telephone 020 7727 1592 or mail to ACE Trains London, P.O. Box 2985, London W11 2WP. We have recently moved our warehouse to Horsham with The Station Masters Rooms. Customers may collect from that address by prior arrangement.


Pre 2008 Spares & Repair Work



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Sunflower Line Video

Click here to view an indoor layout showing various models produced by ACE Trains



'Mainly ACE in action' courtesy of Roy James.

(13 minutes)



Sunflower Line


Other video Links

E/12 Coronation at Speed


E/28 9F pre production

examples at Sandown


E/18 Jubilee Video


'Marcel Darphin' A4 going round his layout in tribute to Marcel

by Roy James


The Next Generation of Acers and that the singer is Hugo Chakra Levy and that the railway is unknown.


Alan Sangster's Layout


Requiem for a Steve Clark's

great layout



By a friend of ACE


E/29 2-6-2T 51xx - 61xx Prairie Locomotive

GWR Version (Click for full details)

ACE Trains Newsletter

We are proposing to publish on a regular basis a newsletter to circulated by e-mail. If anyone would wish to receive it please forward your name and email address to ennism@mac.com with ‘ACE Trains Newsletter' in the subject line.See the latest edition here


E/25 Ex N.E.R G5 running at Sandown.


E/18 Type C/2 LMS 5690 Leander

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D1 Warship 2/3 Rail 24v DC

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Important Notice

C/21 Coach running rectification

It has come to our notice that when fitting the roofs (that is the last operation prior to packing) during manufacture of coaches in China the operatives sometimes give the roof a thump that clips the roof in place very effectively. However it can sometimes distort the coach chassis bogie pivot area of the coach floor. Any distortion of the coach floor can bring the position of the wheels too close to the coach body side and sole bar area coursing them to collide and rub together on curves.
The remedy is to simply pull the bogie down with your fingers to effectively straighten any floor distortion that may be present.


Click to view video of the first steaming of the ACE Coronation Loco


ACE Trains Compendium 1995 – 2018

Landscape A4 format, 114 pages on art paper. All ACE production over 23 years most in full colour. The best all colour gauge 0 model railway catalogue since 1940.

Wire bound soft bound copy with acetate cover £12 (plus postage if required).

Train Collector review June 2018 ‘Brilliantly Old Fashioned’ Nicholas Oddy.

Bassett Lowke Society ‘a must for all gauge 0 enthusiasts whatever their interests’ Peter Beale June 2018.


'Whats on and where to see ACE Trains in the UK' It replaces the Events page and is available under the drop down menu 'News'

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The New E/25S Box Set.

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Latest version of E/26 type B in LMS maroon.

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The last ACE Jubilee variation. Bhopal was the only new LMS livery simplified after the Second World War which it retained till the early 1950’s. Only 12 of these were made by ACE.

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'We have noticed that Andries Grabowsky has posted an advertisement in the September 2018 edition of the HRCA Journal.

As we represent Marcel Darphin's widow's interests in the UK we would point out the following.

'The advertisement is in contravention of the Trade Descriptions Act in that it does not describe the only part of the Darstaed business acquired was that relating to the tinplate line which at the time of purchase comprised the Marklin repro continental coaches. It did not include the finescale production which was retained by the Darphins. The buyer was allowed to use the Darstaed name only to the extent that the type face was restricted to 10mm in height and the letters TP should be displayed at the top right hand side. The 50 year credit claimed in the ad was not part of the purchase and only related to the original finescale line which was not part of the sale and preceded the original series by several decades. This was an attempt to mislead the general public via 'holding out' to be the owner of all the Darstaed historic output. In the event none of the Darstaed Marklin repro series were ever issued subsequent to the takeover of the tooling which is by now probably unusable in its original form.

A Grabowsky is still in contempt of Court in the UK in respect of a Judgement in favour of ACE Trains made on March 19th 2014 which with accumulated interest as set by the Court totals £30,000.'


Allen Levy Jan. 2019

ACE Signal Gantrys Warning

Power input to the three types of Gantry should be no more than 12V.


E/31 British Railways Class 8P 4-6-2 ‘Duke of Gloucester’


The 'Duke' gets applause

To get the most up to date info always refresh the page being viewed.

An A4 insert dealing new production from 2018 onwards can be obtained from ACE Trains from time to time by sending an A4 stamped addressed envelope to ACE Trains, PO box 2985 London W11 2WP.


The Cardan shafts revolve as part of the Caprotti valve gear simulation. This is a unique feature and the only gauge 0 commercial made model of the ‘Duke of Gloucester’ to display this function.”

Click here or on the image to see the Caprotti valve gear in motion and for more info see the next edition of the GOG Magazine.