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The creation we call 'Super Tinplate' in Standard Scale.

Re defining traditional Gauge 0 coarse scale.

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New ACE Coal Wagon

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Being the Best is no Accident

ACE Trains PO Box 2985 London W11 2WP Tel: +44 (0) 20 7727 1592 - 24 hour message service

E-mail: info@ace-trains.co.uk

ACE Trains London Ltd. t/a ACE Trains are the owners of this site.

ACE Trains capture all the spirit of an earlier period of vintage ready to run model trains. They have retained all the glamour and excitement without stretching the idiom into all the electronic gizzmos of recent years. If you want steam engine noises get a live steam loco. If you want all the pipes and rivets go fine scale. If you want weight rugged performance and do not wish to spend your precious train playing time cleaning track and worrying about reverse polarity go for three rail ACE. No need to re invent the wheel. If you insist on two rail you have the option with ACE from 2009 onwards - total flexibility.

ACE Trains have revived all that was best about gauge 0 model railways.


Allen and Charlotte Levy founded ACE Trains in 1996, as a Company whose founding shareholders were and still are Allen and Charlotte Levy.

It was originally named Alchem Trains Ltd, Allen, Charlotte and Emily latterly abbreviated to ACE Trains Ltd.

ACE Policy

We do not make limited editions but aim at producing what we consider adequate quantities. Often we are too modest which leads to price escalation when lines sell through. However apart from some occasional special offers we do not trash our price structures if we have long-term stock. This may be the reason why ACE Trains have become one of the most collectible gauge 0 train ranges of the last few decades.


ACE Trains reserve the right to adjust retail prices as announced. However any adjustments will be announced on this site.


Do not, if requested, pay a deposit or indeed a larger amount on any forthcoming ACE production.

Make a reservation if you wish but do not couple it with any payment. All credit card details should be on single transaction basis only when the dealer is ready to despatch.

This is particularly relevant to any ACE products that are not yet physically in the possession of the dealer concerned.

Check with ACE Trains if you are in any doubt.

We say this because we cannot guarantee that as yet undelivered ACE will be available to any given dealer at some future time and we do not want to become involved in customers trying to cancel their orders through late delivery.

By all means order what you feel you might like to receive but do not tie yourself to any particular dealer.

We have always operated this policy for our in house sales and all reservations are without conditions and can be cancelled at any time.


Pre 2008 Spares & Repair Work


E/31 British Railways Class 8P 4-6-2

‘Duke of Gloucester’ Click here for details


Quad Art Sets.Coming soon.Click for

more details


Sunflower Line Video

Click here to view an indoor layout showing various models produced by ACE Trains


Sunflower Line

Revisited NEW


Other video Links

E/12 Coronation at Speed


E/28 9F pre production

examples at Sandown


Some previous best sellers


E/27 BR Britannia

E/7 GWR/BR Castle



E/29 2-6-2T 51xx - 61xx Prairie Locomotive

GWR Version (Click for full details)

Future Events

Just to clarify the picture on the M7s. Production has ended and all the tooling is the property of the ACE London. Despite unfulfilled demand no further ACE production of this type is planned. The G5 will be a slightly extended production run to allow for the 25 NER versions that will be donated to the G5 new build fund.

We have now resumed development of our live steam pacific and at present our first high pressure version will be the LMS Coronation. As the basic mechanics can be adapted to other types an A4 will follow the Coronation assuming the final tests are successful. There will be no further ACE London electric versions of either of these locomotives.

A Jubilee pre production sample is now in preparation followed several months later by the Black 5.

Our sample Warship Class has been commissioned and proper Bullied 40cm coaches will be tooled shortly for production later in the year.


ACE Trains Newsletter

We are proposing to publish on a regular basis a newsletter to circulated by e-mail.

If anyone would wish to receive it please forward your name and email address to ennism@mac.com with ‘ACE Trains Newsletter' in the subject line.


E/28 9F Loco Factory pictures

and production drawings

(Click to view)


The ACE Team at ACE Open Day July 16th at Tappers.

The ACE Team. The first Jubilee casting shown.

Graham Locke reported that attendance the best ever

at a Tappers special event'.


Hi Steve

Prairie arrived safely, what a stunner, to say that I am delighted is an understatement. I gave it a real good run on our club layout Tuesday, (The Borders Model Railway Club) and it ran like a sowing machine, must have done about 200 scale miles. All the members were very impressed too. Many thanks to you and the Ace team, superb service. (Can't wait for my 9F)

All the very best



E/25 Ex N.E.R G5 running at Sandown.


E/18 Type C/2 LMS 5690 Leander

(click on picture for larger view )


D1 Warship 2/3 Rail 24v DC

(Click for full details)


ACE C/21 Bulleid Tavern Car Set now on sale.

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