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ACE Factory reject Bulleid 3rd Brake indicating  incorrect lining . These were withdrawn as Ace approved production and all landed sets A and B were sold off to SMR with the boxes clearly labelled ' Factory Rejects'.  We will be negotiated with the factory concerning the balance of the delivery but no more defective sets A and B will be imported.

These Sets are now sold out. (April 1st) No further defective production will be available. The revised balance of sets A and B will be determined shortly and a delivery date for later in the year will be announced.


C/21-C BR Bulleid Blood & Custard Set (C) consist Price £200 Inc. VAT.

Tavern Car No. 7892

Restaurant Car No. 7833

ACE C/21 Bullied Tavern Car Set now on sale.


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C sets comprising the Bulleid Tavern Car set are at present sold out and the balance of the run will be delivered in August.

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