A Shunters pole will be included and carried on the brackets at

the back of the tender.

It will be scale scale size but can be extended for actual use


ACE produce a 2/3 rail Pannier (E/21) It follows the N2 and Bulldog class in our very successful association with ETS. It will be a true 0-6-0 in that all wheels will be fitted to the coupling rods. The locomotive will have twin motors both incorporating a clutch mechanism. Correct GWR style and colour jewelled lamps will be provided. Correct reversing lever shown in cab.


E/21 0-6-0 Pannier tank locomotive types

A Great Western 5764 Gloss green SOLD OUT (*)

B Shirt Button 7702 Gloss green SOLD OUT (*)

C GWR 5701 Satin black SOLD OUT

D Early pre 56 BR 5796 Satin black SOLD OUT

E Late post 56 BR 5775 Satin black SOLD OUT

G London Transport L89 Gloss red SOLD OUT (*)

H London Transport L91 Gloss red SOLD OUT (*)

J GWR 5701 Gloss green SOLD OUT (*)

Price £325 Inc. VAT Plus Postage

E/21 GWR/LT 0-6-0 Pannier Locomotive.


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E/21 Type A, fitted with a Spark Arrestor Chimney which is a three part Kit (SC/1) that will fit all Panniers

Price £20.00 plus postage.

(*) Indicates no further items for sale held by ACE Trains. Individual dealers may still have the odd item at the advertised retail price.