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Type E/22A  1900 GWR lined green and Indian red, with 'GWR' scroll on tender,

selection of four names and numbers as follows,

3433  City of Bath

3434  City of Birmingham

3440 City of Truro

3441 City of Winchester


Type E/22B  1923 Great Western  lined green and black,'Great Western' in full on tender, as all GW engines were post 1923.

selection of four names and numbers as follows

3712 City of Bristol

3713 City of Chester

3716 City of London

3719 City of Exeter


Double ETS motor with two clutches. 2/3rail 24 Volt DC. 44mm driving wheels


Price £525 Inc. VAT Plus postage


Pictures are of a pre production model.

E/22 GWR City 4-4-0 Loco


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